Basketball Goals

Goalsetter Signature Series Basketball Goals
Goalsetter Extreme Series Basketball Goals
Goalrilla and Silverback Basketball Goals

Basketball goal systems are not all created equal. That’s why we have done our research to provide you with the most ridiculously awesome basketball hoops that we could find. The Goalsetter Signature Series, Extreme Series, and Goalrilla goals are top of the line, in-ground basketball goals that are built to be slammed, jammed, and abused. For value seekers, we also carry the Silverback Series by Goalrilla. The Silverback carries a lower price while still providing excellent performance game after game. Along with the best goals on the market, we also provide outstanding service. We offer installation on all our goals. Because we stand behind the basketball hoops that we carry, we even offer 100% free replacement costs on all warranted basketball goals. Click on each series below for more information or personally slam dunk on one at the Backyard Specialists showplace!